The Institute is dedicated to enhancing global engagement. We host authentic and unforgettable   study programs throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific that combine experiential education, culture and civic engagement.

Our Destination

Maori welcome, hongi

Kia ora and welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand  - one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on earth. We are ranked as one of the top tourist destinations to visit and adventure capital of the world.

We celebrate the tradition, indigenous cultures and heritage of the island nations as we share The South Pacific Story with you  –  one of Open Spaces, Open Hearts and Open Minds

We are passionate New Zealanders. Proud Kiwis and have a story to tell.

Our Difference


We put the ‘edu’ into tourism and bring edutourism experiences to international study group programs. We are the only dedicated educational study tour provider in New Zealand serving schools, colleges, universities and professional groups from around the world and across all themes and topics.

We design and host short term programs in the South Pacific to enhance global and cultural engagement and understanding.

Our unique and innovative approach combines learning with the ultimate tourism experiences.

Our Design


We focus on customised tailor-made programs for education groups. Each group receives their own special program to meet specific learning needs  Many are delivered with local university and industry experts to provide intellectually challenging and culturally enriching learning experiences.

Our programs are inspirational and unforgettable global learning experiences designed to meet  learning and experiential needs.

Challenging minds, changing lives.


2019  New Zealand China Youth Leadership Summit to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, find out more

Educational programs from five days for university and college students, civic engagement, service learning opportunities and Spirit of New Zealand program for high school students.

Faculty led and customised programs through New Zealand, Fiji and Australia 

StudyNZ taster programs to explore long term study opportunities and education relationships in New Zealand 

Sister school relationship development

Youth leadership and citizenship programs for the next generation of global leaders.


“Amazing program.  Amazing leader & director.  Loved the entire trip.  These people do a phenomenal job!”

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems – University of South Dakota


Line Of Business People Listening To Presentation Seated At Glass Boardroom Table

Executive, business and professional programs to showcase New Zealand success stories, innovation and entrepreneurship. They may combine executive education topics, business leader forums,  field studies and site visits. 

Industry specific themes include New Zealand business innovation; agriculture and dairying; health and social services; tourism, golf tourism, cuisine, viticulture, central and local government, environmental conservation, New Zealand tourism, trade and industry,  teacher professional development and education and sports event management.

Executive and professional education topics include global leadership, change management and transformational leadership,  business innovation and entrepreneurship, public sector leadership and administration, education leadership and teacher development.

“You made me think about how I can make a real difference in my own country, and how I can do things there with a global mind set. Thank you for making this one of the best times of my life.”

Brasilia without Borders global leadership participant